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C64 programming on a Android device

Write C64 assembler on your android device

Hack the planet for C64

Cross-compile dasm


My weatherstation broke down again :-(, to much rain :-( Look at the humidity! ! View the old graphs.


Februari 3th, 2009 Weather graphs

I added the weather graphs to the website. On the wl500g the graphs are generated with rrdtool and with lftp the graphs are uploaded to the server every hour …


Because there are a lot of different shaped galaxies you can write your name using galaxies.

Read more about it in the article at Universe Today or try it at My Galaxies .


Tessellation for the iPad

New features

  • 4 random colors based on color wheel
  • fit figure inside screen button
  • even works on iOS 4
  • screen orientation

Tessellation for the iPad

Download Tessellation on your iPhone or iPad!

Tessellation for the iPhone 2012

Tessellation for the iPhone (and works on the iPad) is almost finished. New functionality:

  • Save to Album
  • Fit figure inside edit screen
  • 4 colors!

Tessellation for the iPhone

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