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Interesting books this year


  • Gödel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid



Palm organizer emulator on Android running tessellation

Configure phem

Install Tessellation

Tessellation for the Palm on your palm emulator

Programming C64 Basic on Android

Write C64 Basic programs on your android device. Convert text files to basic in prg format.

Hack basic for C64

The c64 keyboard has some special keys:

  • key ↑ = ^

Cross-compile bastext

C64 programming on a Android device

Write C64 assembler on your android device

Hack the planet for C64

Cross-compile dasm


My weatherstation broke down again :-(, to much rain :-( Look at the humidity! ! View the old graphs.


Februari 3th, 2009 Weather graphs

I added the weather graphs to the website. On the wl500g the graphs are generated with rrdtool and with lftp the graphs are uploaded to the server every hour …

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